Industrial Cleaning Products

Lab 6 manufactures an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products for the construction, manufacturing, hospitality and food service industries. Highly efficient products and innovative systems ensure cleanliness, customer and employee safety, cost savings and ease of use.



    A low foaming powdered detergent for use in hot water extraction machines. Contains powerful soil suspending agents.



    A low foaming carpet extraction liquid, spotter and prespray.



    A silicone emulsion defoamer for use in the solution recovery tank of hot water extraction machines and dry foam wet pickup.

  • LIFT


    An ammoniated solvent floor polish stripper. Removes old polish and wax build-up quickly and effortlessly.

  • Stoneclean 1

    Stoneclean 1

    Heavy duty acidic cleaner designed to remove grout haze, mineral deposits, rust stains, efforescence and soap scum.

  • Stoneclean 2

    Stoneclean 2

    Heavy duty alkaline cleaner designed to remove dirt, grease, soap scum, acrylic waxes and floor finishes.

  • Stoneclean 3

    Stoneclean 3

    Heavy duty chlorinated cleaner designed to remove algae, moss, mould, mildew and soap scum.